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Christmas in Spring?

Christmas in Spring?

| March 12, 2018

It happens around this time every year.

Flowers bloom, yellow blankets of pollen drape like curtains on our vehicles, NCAA bracket pools run amuck throughout the office - and of course, the IRS puts on its best “Santa Claus” impersonation. 

That Jolly fat man is handing out money (tax refunds) like it is his job – but BEWARE – this version of Kris Kringle has been holding your money hostage.

To some, a large tax refund may feel like a free ride in Santa’s sleigh, but it isn’t. 

Let’s put this into perspective.  When you took out a mortgage on your home did the bank provide you 0% financing? Nope – sure didn’t.  They even charged you interest on the funds in escrow while you signed the Mount Everest-like mountain of closing documents.

Carry a balance on your credit card? Yup, no free lunch there either – the credit card companies want compensation for you to use their money.

Yet – every year, we loan “Uncle SAMta” our money, at no charge, and we are filled with joy upon its return.

Psychologically, it’s not terrible to receive a small refund.  But if you substantially overpay throughout the year, it’s not the right move.

How can you keep Uncle Sam from holding your money hostage?

  • Review your W-4: Find the right balance on your withholding based on household income, tax bracket and the deductions you take.
  • Compare past tax returns: Unless you’ve had major changes in your personal and/or business life, your tax levels should be similar from year to year.
  • Talk to your accountant: The right withholding will vary from one family to the next.

I urge you to speak with your own personal Hostage Negotiator (Tax Professional) to create a plan to keep your money working for you year-round.



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