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How To Invest In Memories

How To Invest In Memories

| September 20, 2017

What would you rather give to your family: additional wealth or memories that will last a lifetime?

I began asking my clients this question after I lost my Grandfather, the man that planted a seed in my mind which later grew into a career in Financial Planning. 

Unanimously, the answer has always been memories, yet I find most clients are unwilling to take money from their retirement bucket or other earmarked funds to make these memories happen.

So I started asking myself, “How can we help our clients make decisions with their money that support the creation of lasting family experiences in addition to their financial legacy?”

Memory Money Investing is the answer. Here’s how we do it at Magnolia Financial Group…

We present the Memory Money strategy to our clients during annual reviews, and create a plan to systematically filter resources from an existing account or income stream to fund a separate account designated only for the use of making memories. My Grandfather did this—maybe not as a specific bucket at the time—as an annual priority to get our family together for fellowship and fun. 

 Trent and his Grandfather          Three generations of Adams men          

I encourage you to consider adjusting your saving and investment strategy to include Memory Money. It’s a rewarding plan that will fill the ‘Memory Bank of the people you love. Because of my Grandfather, I have something more valuable than a financial legacy. I have what matters most—wonderful memories.

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