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MapQuest vs. GPS/Waze

MapQuest vs. GPS/Waze

| February 23, 2022

As financial advisors, we’re often asked, “What does financial planning look like?” or “What will next steps be?”  

We find that it’s helpful to approach these questions by comparing financial planning to MapQuest vs. GPS/Waze. Seems like an odd reference in the realm of finances, right? Fasten your proverbial seatbelt and let us explain. 

Does anyone else remember Mapquest? You know that piece of paper you’d print out before a long road trip to walk you through each turn on the road ahead? MapQuest was an amazing resource because it gave you the ability to get where you were going without a compass and that unwieldy, foldable map. These printed directions were typically straightforward and easy to use because you were given a starting point with clear and specific instructions to reach your destination. It was practically impossible to veer off track. 

However, even with your printed MapQuest directions in hand, there may have been a time when you got lost or had to take a detour without the ability for a guided course correction. That’s when you asked yourself and your printed map, “Well ... what now?” 

Compare that with the technologically savvy GPS/Waze apps we have access to in the present day. When you get lost or confused – the little voice in your smartphone simply reroutes you and you’re back on track, heading directly to your destination. 

Similar to that smartphone app, at Magnolia, we are here to help you navigate through the financial planning process, regardless of what turns you take. Our team of financial professionals can help you discover suitable routes to take by discovering your life goals with exercises and informed discussions of what goals and destinations you have for yourself and your family. We can also help you create a shared vision of the future to bring alignment to you and your family’s desired financial destination.