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Today’s Inflation - A Silent Killer

Today’s Inflation - A Silent Killer

| October 25, 2021

 Do you ever wonder why the price of goods and services is continually increasing? Well, you’re not alone; many Americans put on their detective hats and ask the same question. In short, the answer is inflation. 

 The effects of inflation can affect how much bang you get for your buck because as economic consumption increases, the dollar can remain stagnant or does not appreciate. In other words, your money does not buy as much as it used to. 

 What do these rising prices mean for you? 

 A recent CNBC article explains how “For the past few months, the price of everything from groceries to cars to clothing has increased, straining budgets for households across the country. If the price of a loaf of bread increases, six months later the price won’t decrease again.  It just becomes our new normal.” 

The Hidden Ghost Gobbling Up Your Purchasing Power 

As in the spring, the most recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation report showed that prices rose across the board in August. By a lot. 

Some may say these inflation scares can be compared to The Scooby Doo Showthe mystery-solving TV program we all know and love. As a refresher, Scooby Doo is about the adventures of a cowardly but highly intelligent dog, who travels with four human colleagues to solve mysteries and uncover the truth.  

Like Scooby and his pals, you may be searching for the hidden ghost that’s killing your purchasing powerPerhaps you have dead money, which is an investment that has shown little to no growth. Or you’re wondering why you’ve taken a double blow to your savings accountand you just can’t wrap your head around why 

We want to help try to solve your mystery behind the mischievous inflation monster.  

Is There a Magic Potion to Ward Off the Effects of High Inflation Rates? 

You may be exploring options for your financial situation to help you sleep soundly at nightThere is no-fool-proof method, but there are some things you can consider with the help of Magnolia Financial Group.  Our team of professionals will do all we can to help reduce your risk from the effects of inflation, including:

  • Avoid a high concentration of Long-Term Bonds 
  • Consider Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities 
  • Own investments with pricing power 
  • Reposition “Dead Money” in your overall portfolio   

It's no mystery – it's what we do best! 

The Final Word 

Strategies can be deployed within your financial plan in order to help take control of your purchasing power. We’ve got our mystery solving crew ready for when you are ready to uncover these strategies with how they pertain to your situation. 

Our team of financial professionals are here to help you meet your financial goals. We know everyone experiences a slightly different rate of inflation for the simple reason that we all spend money on different things. Check out our website to see which of our services are the fit best for you!