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At Magnolia Financial Group, our investment research, portfolio construction, and performance monitoring processes are led by Alpha Capital Management - a team of highly-skilled, experienced Chartered Financial Analysts® (CFAs). Portfolios are strategically constructed using actively-managed institutional mutual funds and low cost, tax-efficient mutual funds and ETF’s. This strategic management style ensures that each client has a well-diversified portfolio to match their specific risk tolerance.


To determine an appropriate portfolio recommendation, Magnolia Financial Group creates a risk profile to get a clear understanding of a client’s appropriate level of risk, including a personalized combination of the following:


Risk Capacity – the degree of risk a client can afford to take.

Risk Tolerance – the amount of risk a client is willing to take.

Risk Required – the amount of risk a client needs to take to work towards their goals.


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Alpha Capital Management is an outsourced chief investment officer firm and is not affiliated with LPL Financial.